about us

The West Wing Boutique Hotel began its story in 2015 when the pencil met the paper. The goal was to create a design that was unique, efficient and peaceful. Taking various design inspirations from abroad, the West Wing hotel design incorporated many unique elements such as waterfall counters, glass walls, European oak millwork and other elements.

Construction on our new hotel in Tampa began after shortly after and completed in late 2016. The West Wing Boutique Hotel continues to push the frontier of hospitality by being a front runner in sustainability and technology. The boutique hotel in Tampa is one of the first in Florida to employ WES, our Relay Robot that delivers items to guest rooms. The West Wing Boutique Hotel in Tampa is also striving to become a business role model in our community by taking part in various partnerships and initiatives


To deliver a unique experience and service from the HEART

core value

H – Helpful

We will be helpful...

Our team members will show compassion, attentiveness and HELPFUL-ness to our guests, clients and local community.

E – Excel

We will excel …

Our company and its employee will aim to EXCEL in our profession to become leaders in our industry and community. We will continue to improve everyday individually and as a company.

A – Awe

We will deliver awe …

As a team, we will go out-of-the-way to deliver to our guests an AWE inspiring, world class service.

R – Respect

We will Respect Others …

Whether it is coworkers, employees, clients or the community, we will treat others how we would like to be treated. We will RESPECT other’s work, views and talents.

T – Teamwork

We will work as a Team …

One can accomplish more as a TEAM than alone. Individuals in our company will come together to work towards common goals and build lasting relationships with guests, clients and our community.


The West Wing Boutique Hotel is proud to be part of the following organizations


Clean the World was founded in 2009 who’s goal is to collect and recycle soap and hygienic products discarded by the hospitality industry and redistribute to impoverished people. The donation of these products prevents millions of hygiene-related deaths each year and encourage vigorous childhood development.

Grounds to Grow On is a program developed by Keurig to provide consumers a way to responsibly dispose their brewed K-Cup pods. The pods are used to enrich soil and generate electricity rather than ending up in landfills.
Out Initiatives

The West Wing Boutique Hotel employs various technology and products to help reduce the amount of energy the building uses. According to a report released by Energy Star, heating and cooling represents approximately 50% of the total energy use by a hotel. Each guest room is equipped with occupancy sensors to turn on the air conditioning unit when a guest is in the room and turns off when there is no occupancy for an extended period.

Guest rooms and common areas are also equipped with LED lights. The LED lightbulbs used at the West Wing Boutique hotel uses approximately 80% to 86% less energy than traditional incandescent lightbulb and 25% to 40% less energy than traditional CFL lightbulbs.

Our guest rooms are equipped with water efficient fixtures which reduced the water demand but does not impact the overall guest experience. These water efficient fixtures include low-flow toilets, shower head, kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets.

All guest rooms at the West Wing Boutique Hotel are equipped with blue bins to promote guests to recycle and redirect waste from the landfills. Also, located in guest rooms are dedicated small bins for used K-Cups by Keurig. The West Wing Boutique Hotel is proud to join Keurig in the Grounds to Grow On (link to their website) program which redirects the K-Cups from landfill to recycle the material to enrich soil and create energy.